Our family (by DS)

Our family (by DS)

I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum) with two gorgeous children and a husband who’s pretty cute too! I (safely) co-sleep, breastfeed, wear my children in slings, and use cloth nappies and wipes and I’m not feeding my baby mush – just good healthy food from our plates. None of these things would be odd if we were living in a “third world” country, or even if we looked like hippies, but as we live in a middle-class neighbourhood in the London suburbs, in a nice house and both have shiny new cars,  I guess some people think it’s all a bit odd!

It’s taken me several years – and numerous “discussions” with my Darling Husband – to get to the point where I trust my instincts in raising our children, and am now used to the disapproving looks, comments about making life difficult for myself and how I’m making a “rod for my own back” by responding instinctively to my children rather than leaving them to cry themselves to sleep, enforcing strict routines on them (they  do actually have routines, but they lead them) etc.

I am not saying everyone should parent in the way I do – I firmly believe that everyone should be able to make their own decisions, based on what is right for their own family. This is my point, really. In my opinion, there is too much prescriptive “advice” around – often backed up with dubious “science” that scares the hell out of parents – particularly new parents who do not have confidence in their own abilities. I have spoken to many new mums particularly who have gone against their instincts in order to please their parents, in-laws, the health visitor….

Thankfully I don’t feel the need to please “other” people, however I am interested in your comments on any blog posts. Please feel free to contribute.




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